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Do think things get awkward for entrepreneurs?

It truely takes becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. Some times you have the best idea but either people have heard of it or not. If you run into some your past “no’s” then than just make small talk. It’s ok to let them know your still doing the business but it may be unnessary to haggle them about your products or services. It is also a great idea to intermingle with other direct marketers, MLM’s or any other entrepreneurs in general. This can be a great way tops refferls back and forth. Maybe your have clients that also fit each other’s needs.

    How to avoid or personalize the dreaded scripts for invites or other referrals. Some groups use the call your friends method. As an “UpLine” I generally call people’s “who they know list” and ask them if they’ll be a character reference for the list generator. This is a great way to add value to an unsuspecting friend. Pending on how the conversation goes you can encourage them to help your friend by setting up a meeting with the refferl.


Change your life because you deserve a change.

How many of you know the time is right now. How many of you reading this right now know that ACN Flash Wireless will be a name brand. How many of you also know if there’s someone around you who doesn’t believe that ACN Flash Wireless will be a name brand than they’re thinking is too small. Maybe you better turn and tell the person next to you “hey man! That better not be you thinking too small? That better not be you.” Please understand that we don’t play these games. We like to stick around like minded individuals. The same individuals who want to take ACN to the next level. This is what becoming a brand name is all about. How do I know that Flash Wireless will be a name brand? 

Well there are 6 Million monthly buying decisions created every single month in The United States Of America.  

Imagine the possibilities each and everyone of us has in the infancy of this program. You have to understand that we have everything available to you as a new IBO to get involved in wireless and take over and dominate. 

You can choose from top networks. You can bring your own device or buy a new one. Contract or no contract. How many of know people who need no contract yes or no. How many people need no credit check. There is a variety of plans. No credit check, wow!
With the Sprint network we have service on the Nationwide Sprint 4G LTE Network. So if someone has Sprint can we service them? Yes or no? We have No Contract and Contract plan options. The bottom line is this, as I go through these different services that we’re able to offer through Verison, Sprint and Team Mobile the point is this. You don’t need to become familiar with the Flash Wireless Platform, you need to become a part of what we’re doing. You need to believe in it enough to understand that what we have is good enough for you to go out there and sell. I don’t what to hear anything about “oh the call just dropped”, “oh the text messaging” … It’s a cell phone can we all agree? Can we all agree the primary purpose of a cell phone is to be able to make calls yes or no? Do you make phone calls on flash wireless? Do you want to make money when you pay your cell phone bill yes or no? You gotta rally around what we’re a part of. We gotta do it right now, this year. Timing is everything in a business. 

    Sprint is an amazing opportunity for us. Single land lines, family plans with shared data. The bottom line is this. We have everything that Sprint has but we have at a better value and we can give it to anyone and everyone who needs it. Our current target market is customers who are currently on pre-paid services or customers who are currently at the end of their contracts. This is the Flash Wireless target audience. Can we all agree that every company out there has their target audience yes or no?

You better believe it. If I wanted to rent a Ferrari could I go to Allimode? There’s no doubt about it. See every company has their target market the same thing with Flash Wireless green network ok that is obviously Verizon and the services offered on the world’s largest and fastest network. 

   How many of you love the idea that Verizon actually does the advertising for us. How many of you are aware that I can walk up to anyone who has Verizon, who’s very comfortable with their advertising platform so much that all I have to do is say Verizon and they believe in it and it’s good enough for them. 

How many of you love the idea that all the opportunities Verizon has to offer !