Do think things get awkward for entrepreneurs?

It truely takes becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. Some times you have the best idea but either people have heard of it or not. If you run into some your past “no’s” then than just make small talk. It’s ok to let them know your still doing the business but it may be unnessary to haggle them about your products or services. It is also a great idea to intermingle with other direct marketers, MLM’s or any other entrepreneurs in general. This can be a great way tops refferls back and forth. Maybe your have clients that also fit each other’s needs.

    How to avoid or personalize the dreaded scripts for invites or other referrals. Some groups use the call your friends method. As an “UpLine” I generally call people’s “who they know list” and ask them if they’ll be a character reference for the list generator. This is a great way to add value to an unsuspecting friend. Pending on how the conversation goes you can encourage them to help your friend by setting up a meeting with the refferl.


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