What’s an MLM

  It simply stands for Multi Level Marketing. It’s just like 1 of those things some people call a pyramid scheme. However those who cash in or 1 or more say MLM. For something to be defined as an illegal pyramid scheme it would have to not actually have a product or service for sale. That is my definition anyway.  Let’s face it though to actually make any money it eats up your time. Everyone approaching anyone should always think of it as this person has “what’s an MLM?” On their forehead. Successfully  managing your time management skills by sticking to a method will actually yield higher results. The key to mastering repetition is doing it over and over again. 

Starting in a new area where an opportunity is rare is both frightening and exciting. If the group you seen last was large it can make recruiting harder. More people may have heard about it an said “NO”. This is not always the case sometimes it just wasn’t you who approached the first person. Maybe their first encounter gave them something to think about. Maybe it even gave you and your company so legitablity. Yes, someone may have already heard about what your trying to sell. 1 of the main goals is creating multiple levels, isn’t it?  Multi Levels, You know people below you that you signed up and they signed up others and you earn an incentive. Sounds wonderful but let’s face it… All income brought in is based on what you put out to earn it.  



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