Leveraging an MLM

Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur but it isn’t always a sweet as it sounds. Once you’ve made the decision to be your own boss it’s were to go from that point that keeps many of us guessing. The fact is it takes being coachable and you need to be a leader to succeed. In many cases a little push from a coach. That’s were I come in. My name is Dale and I would like to invite you on a journey of self improvement. Luckily extra income can come into play as well. You isn’t fond of extra income. MLM’s are often thought of as total scams. Many of these different groups have so many different rules. Let me run through a scenario for you. Some of the people who have taken you to a home meeting and showed you their current success scheme. Yet, their vehicle for whatever reason has turned out to worse than yours. They just might not stick it out long enough to get you where you want to be. What if the home meeting went so great that you realized those who showed you had no idea what you were capable of. Yes I’m talked the good old MLM way of life. I have stuck out my MLM for some years now and I know how tough it can be at the begging. An MLM rule may be no internet marketing, every MLM company has different rules. You can still use social media to teach your team. I basically utilize every way possible to to connect with my teammates based simply on what’s most convenient or comfortable for them. It’s that easy, I just ask them how they would like communicate back and forth.
     It takes time when you start out in a new area but if you stick it out there’s no telling where it can go. MLM’s often offer goods or services. It’s the name brand’s I’ve personally heard of that make the quickest money. Quick may not always be best but I like to see results sooner than later. Often there are incentives for stronger starts but again rules vary between different companies, groups or MLM’s in general. 

   It takes control and determination to keep going forward. It needs to start with a solid “why”. A why is your purpose for doing something out of your normal routine. It would take a bit of soul searching to answer correctly. It boils down to, you literally need a why so strong it makes you cry. Children, struggling parents, or a purpose such as building homes in Mexico for a charity. It’s up for you to determine what it is. 


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