Reasons why to schedule a commercial property inspection before you buy it.

A commercial property investment requires gathering knowledge and taking a risk. Property inspection increases the amount of information available when it’s most crucial.

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The bottom line is that a commercial building inspection gives the client an overall understanding of the general condition of the building. This allows the client to move forward with business planning, negotiations and remodeling or renovation with a knoweldge of current systems. An inspection reduces surprises. When it comes to large real estate transactions, that can be a great peace of mind.

For some, that needed knowledge is limited to an inspection of the roof. Others may be more interested in knowing that electrical outlets are safe. Still others want a ceiling-to-floor laundry list of items, noting the good and the bad. Comfort levels are different, but a thorough, unbiased inspection can usually help point people in the right direction.

Global Property Inspection professionals have the training and expertise to perform a number of different types of commercial property inspections, including the following:

Comprehensive inspections for buyers and sellers
Pre-lease or exit inspections for tenants to protect damage deposits
Partial inspections of the roof or general structural conditions
Inspections to meet lender requirements
Walk-through pre-bid assessments for potential buyers
Maintenance inspections for property management firms
New-construction progress inspections and final inspections
In apartment complexes, inspectors look at a representative number of units, or all of the units, or sometimes just the common areas and the roof. Again, for the buyer, these options help pinpoint possible areas of concern and overall maintenance issues. Sometimes, specialized equipment, such as an infrared camera, helps pinpoint leaking or heat-loss areas and can help with long-term planning.

In some instances, a client may not even be purchasing the building itself but rather the business occupying the building and an attached lease. An inspection in that instance can reassure the buyer that the building is sound and reduce concerns about assuming the lease. It can also make for an unbiased reference for the property management firm overseeing building maintenance, which is more good information for all parties concerned.

If your looking for an inspection of any kind for your new home, future projects or commercial inspection in the Prince Albert #Sask area call or e-mail


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