Everyone is asking how we’re doing so here goes!

Success Story Questionnaire

Franchisee Name(s): Tiffany & Dale Senkow
Franchise URL (website address): GPI
Contact Phone: 13063149991
Contact Email: gpiinspector@outlook.com
City and State/Province: Warman, Sk. Canada
In what month and year did you start your NPI/GPI franchise?
We started with GPI On September 13, 2014. We went to Omaha Nebraska for training.

What was your career before starting your NPI/GPI franchise? Tiffany was a stay at home mother for the past 4 yrs and Dale’s motivation and personal support system. Every now and then we would tackle small renovation jobs on the weekends. It’s not unusual for Tiffany to be mudding or painting while holding the entire family together. She is the calm no matter how catastrophic things get throughout the day. Dale has been contracting in Saskatoon Sk. And area for the last 4 years. Over the last 20 months Dale was the Supervisor for JDM Construction Corporation. “Helping Families Breathe Easy” and “Achieving Safety Excellence”. These were two company mottos that Dale helped maintain. JDM offers many services for Water Disaster Relief, Mold Remediation, Water Restoration, new construction, reconstruction and so much more. Dale was even a supervisor for the government for over 5 years with Living Skies Housing Authorities. A remediation team that solely works on properties that are owned and operated by Saskatchewan Housing Authorities. A non-profit organization, that provides affordable housing. When their properties were in need of service the Living Skies team would be brought in.

Why did you want to change careers and start a home inspection franchise?
We have always had a passion for the overall quality of a home and the science behind them. All our previous work throughout the years led up to this. We know people in our area and if they want an inspection of any kind they want the best people out there to do it. Sometimes to work with the best you simply must join them so that’s what we did. This just happens to be the right time for us and our young family. It was always the ten year milestone plan to be become professional inspectors. It’s just a huge bonus that we found a franchise in our area!
Why is your buisness so appealing to new customers a?
We provide each customer with a state-of-the art report, which clearly explains the inspection results. We are trained to communicate the significance of each major and minor property concern. We carry errors and omissions (E&O) insurance to show that we stand behind the GPI report.
GPI is Nationwide Organization!
Global Property Inspections is among the oldest and most widely-respected names in the commercial and home inspection business. Each year, GPI professionals perform tens of thousands of independent, objective inspections in the Canada and the United States.
Our office is a locally owned franchise, part of the GPI/NPI organization of nearly 300 inspectors. Every inspection is different. All GPI inspectors have access to technical support seven days a week. This means questions are answered in a timely manner, which means you receive complete results when you need them.

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