Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Right Mind Set

“It’s never the right time to play the who’s to blame game.”

-Dale Senkow

The way I see it:
Different people have different mind set. Ever wonder why financial freedom hasn’t been in your neck of the woods lately. Well it starts with your mind set. If you typically find yourself working 8-5 on 5 day a week basis than welcome to the group called the majority. We work for a boss when we in fact could be the boss. If this leads to wondering questions than you should consider taking some time to determine your why’s.
Why do you work this much. What would you do if your achieved financial freedom? Would you help other’s? Would you help retire your parents if possible? Would you start a company that can be passes on?
You can start by thinking of yourself in 20 years from now looking back. What will your company and yourself personally have become?

Powerful stuff isn’t it? Now that you have seen your inner dream, do something about it

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